A Brief History of Tynte Lodge 7994

Tynte Lodge, who meet in Bridgwater, was consecrated on the 2nd November 1964. The Lodge was formed to accommodate the large number of Masons who were in Bridgwater on a temporary basis, either constructing Hinkley Point Power Station, or as Police personnel with the opening of the new Police Station opposite the lodge rooms in Bridgwater.

The name Tynte derives from the name of a local landowner and the Lodge banner bears the coat of arms of that ancient family. The Halswell family were resident in Goathurst near Bridgwater since just after the Norman Conquest and the Tynte family were resident in Wraxall, at Tyntesfield House, since at least 1410. Our interest starts when John Tynte married Jane Halswell in 1661. A later descendant, Charles Kemeys Kemeys-Tynte became Provincial Grand Master for Somerset from 1820 to 1860.

A descendent of the Tynte family still farms in North Petherton and visited the Lodge when a band concert was held some years ago.

The square and compasses on the Masters pedestal were a gift from the Tynte family when the Lodge was consecrated.

The Lodge was formed under the banners of The Lodge of Perpetual Friendship No 135 and Admiral Blake Lodge No 4692, both of Bridgwater, with whom we still have very strong ties. The first Master of Tynte was W. Bro Joseph Richardson, with a membership of 23. The director of ceremonies was W. Bro. Albert Birch. who, with the then Provincial Grand Master, Brigadier A de L Cazenove, and other members of the new Lodge, W. Bros. Richardson, Stanley Pole and Sydney Marchant contrived the Tynte workings which are still used today. They were approved with the proviso that the following passage be appended to each Lodge members copy:

Masonry is not a competitor with religion, though in a sphere of human conduct it may be hoped that its teaching may be complimentary to that of religion. On the other hand, it’s a basic requirement that every member of the order shall believe in a Supreme Being, and stress upon his duty towards Him should be sufficient evidence to all but the wilfully prejudiced, that Masonry is an upholder of religion since both requires a man to have some form of religious belief before he can be admitted a Mason, and for him to go on practising his religion after he becomes a member of the Lodge,

We all hope this will be remembered until time with us shall be no more.

So mote it be.

Regular meetings are held on the third Thursday at 18:30 (except February) in January, February (17:00), March, April, May, October, November and December.

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